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PostSubject: Recruitment   Recruitment EmptyWed Oct 29, 2008 11:37 pm

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01.Guild Name : The Noble Creed
02.Leaders : Tree-Doc, WhitetigerN, Faramir/Ommadawn, Zyrgel/SN1PERN(inactive shayia player, active site admin) and kidaen
03.Language : English
04.Current members : xx
05.Server : Lailah
06.Side: Alliance of Light

Recruitment I_logo-2-1

-There is no lvl reguirement
-There is no specially age requirement, but 15+ would be nice
-You must be active in the game! if you are inactive for more than two week with no special reason and havent told either Tree-Doc, Faramir/Ommadawn or kidaen, you WILL get kicked!
-It's a must to speak english and/or at least be able to chat english!

Recruitment I_logo-2-2

01.ING :
03.Age :
04.Timezone(GMT) :
05.Gender : male/female
06.Mode: NM/HM/UM

Recruitment I_logo-2-3

-Be nice to each other and have fun! cheers

Recruitment I_logo-2-4

Ask if you have any questions, I'd love to answer them Exclamation
You need to:
-Write an applicatin for the guild on the website Arrow http://lostnine.ogameteam.org
-If you application is accepted you can register on the website. If you do register without an acception, you will be banned from the website.
You can get acception by: Zyrgel, Tree-Doc, WhitetigerN, Faramir/Ommadawn and kidaen

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