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PostSubject: Recruitment!   Recruitment! EmptyFri Jun 12, 2009 2:40 pm

Recruitment! I_logo-4

01.Guild Name : The Noble Creed
02.Leaders : TreeDoc ( Sitting-Bull, Tree-Doc, xXTreeDocXx
Zyrgel ( SN1PERN, Tubruk)
Dave P ( Ommadawn_uk, Eowyn_UM, Faramir-HM, Mr.indie)
Yhen ( kidaen, _y.H.e.N_, _pRiNcEz_, BiTtErSwiT)
Kate ( indie, Miss.indie, indiexX, indiehxXM)
03.Language : English
04.Current members : xx
05.Server : Lailah
06.Side: Alliance of Light

Recruitment! I_logo-2-1

-There is no lvl reguirement
-There is no specially age requirement, but 15+ would be nice
-You must be active in the game! if you are inactive for more than two week with no special reason and havent told either Tree-Doc, Faramir/Ommadawn or kidaen, you WILL get kicked!
-It's a must to speak english and/or at least be able to chat english!

Recruitment! I_logo-2-2

01.ING :
03.Age :
04.Timezone(GMT) :
05.Gender : male/female
06.Mode: NM/HM/UM

Recruitment! I_logo-2-3

-Be nice to each other and have fun! cheers
-Do not beg for Powerleveling!

About Power Leveling:

This is a subject that I think needs to be addressed now, and some basic border line's drawn before people start taking this perk for granted.

1) Just because you are a member of this guild, doesn't automatically qualifies you to be power leveled.

2) new members to our guild, are going to have to prove and earn the trust of other members before they are power leveled

3) If you have been power leved one day for a few hours don't go back to the same person again the next day and want more.

4) Don't start moaning that so and so won't help you, be considerate, and try and help yourself.

6) you need to remember that nearly every time a higher lev member power levs a lower member, the higher member gets nothing in return for his effort (NO EXP and a big repair bill at the blacksmiths, plus any time loss on exp charms and stone's they are using ) apart from the enjoyment of helping some one.

7) power leveling is just a nice perk that any of the higher lev's can help out lower levels with, but pleased don't pester, moan, or demand.

Recruitment! I_logo-2-4

Ask if you have any questions, I'd love to answer them Exclamation
You need to:
-Write an applicatin for the guild on the website Arrow http://lostnine.ogameteam.org
-If you application is accepted you can register on the website. If you do register without an acception, you will be banned from the website.
You can get acception by: Zyrgel, TreeDoc, Eowyn_UM, Lady-HM, _y.H.e.N_ and indie

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